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How to Survive Boring Office Desk

Long, boring days at work are inevitable. Time seems to be at a veritable standstill — how many times have you checked your watch to see if it has stopped? What a snooze-fest! How to Survive a Boring Day at the Office was created especially to get...

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Nuns Having Fun 2018 Wall Calendar

Hallelujah, here come the nuns! Dubbed “habit-forming” byMaxim and anointed a “Funniest Calendar” by Ellen DeGeneres, Nuns Having Fun shows that these sisters are not all pray and no play. In fact, these whimsical, charming photos...

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Do It Later Softcover 2018 Weekly Planner

Now in its thirteenth procrastincarnation, Do It Later! provides all the tools required for your hands-off (but effective) approach to work. Each week presents a calendar grid and procrastinator wisdom, tips, and quotations; a section for prioritizing...

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Business Cat 2018 Wall Calendar

After all, when the CEO is a cat, inconsistent communications, outdated business models, and bizarre office politics make some sense!áWall Calendar17-month Calendar12 X 12Stapled BindingLarge Square...

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Nurses 2018 Wall Calendar

After all, medical practices and uniforms have changed over the years, but a sense of humor remains as vital as ever!áWall Calendar12-month Calendar12 X 12Stapled BindingMedium Rectangle GridObserves...

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Lawyers 2018 Desk Calendar

With hilarious jokes, wit and wisdom from renowned jurists, and a caseload of dumb laws, trial transcripts, and legal fun facts, this all-new calendar is the perfect accessory for lawyers, law students, and everyone in the legal profession who loves to...

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Medical Bloopers 2018 Desk Calendar

Be greeted each day by true tales of medical blunders and brilliance—from charting errors and transcription trip-ups to clever, creative ways to encourage patient compliance. It's all part of a medical provider's standard, non-typical day.áDesk...

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Nurses 2018 Desk Calendar

The calendar also reminds them that even when it's hours until the next shift change, when patients freak out, doctors push boundaries, or insurance red tape tests their resolve, nurses still know: We can do it!áDesk Calendar365...

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I Am The Boss Giant Mug

Get your day started with a giant cup of I Am The Boss. The I Am The Boss Mug is 22 oz. and perfect for any avid coffee lover. 704155579489 201400013538

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I Am The Boss Travel Mug

16 oz Travel Mug 704155586043 201500012322

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