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Futurismo Wall Calendar

Futurism was an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. It emphasized and glorified themes associated with contemporary concepts of the future, including speed, technology, youth and violence, and objects such...

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Street Art Sm 2018 Wall Calendar

A genuine communicative and social form of art opposing the traditional, detached routes of the art trade. New discoveries from all over the world. 201800008992

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Art Deco World George Barbier 2018 Easel Calendar

Every year, millions of people come to Paris dreaming of beauty, elegance, high fashion, decadent leisure, romantic affairs and secret places. What they may not realize is that some of their dreams are built on the artistic foundations of Art Deco artist...

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Artists Garden 2018 Wall Calendar

Gardens have long been an inspiration for painters, and illustrators especially the Impressionists, who were known for using gardens as a setting to show the pleasures of domestic life as well as beauty of flowers and nature. 201800008806

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Back to the Future 2018 Easel Calendar

This is how the future was conceived in the 1960s. Here are how artists of the time imagined 21st century modes of travel and architecture. 201800008804

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Russian Circus Lebedev 2018 Easel Calendar

This calendar celebrates the beauty and artistry of Russian painter and illustrator Vladimir Lebedev (1891-1967). It showcases twelve colorful illustration details from his circus posters. 201800008725

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Coloring Celebrate Monthly Planner

The Embrace The Day Coloring Monthly Planner features fun and unique coloring designs by Lisa Kaus on 17 months of spacious calendar pages. Stay organized with additional features like three yearly views, to-do lists and pages for phone numbers and addresses.Planner7.36...

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Ikebana Easel Calendar

Indulge in the elegant and ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement with one of these Ikebana easel calendars perched on your desk. Featuring 12 vintage color images (circa 1950), it is printed on acid-free, natural white, heavy cardstock, and measures...

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Just Plain Weird Easel Calendar

Do you get a kick out of how random and weird humans can be? This Just Plain Weird easel desk calendar is for you with its 12 colorful vintage postcard images from the 1960s of humans doing wacky inexplicable things. Measuring 6 x 7 x 3 when expanded,...

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Tattos Easel Calendar

This Tattoo easel desk calendar delves into the history of tattoo art from the 1890s to the 1940s in America, Germany, and Japan. It features 12 vintage images of men and women with full-body tattoos, everyone from circus performers, to refined ladies,...

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