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I Love Weed Wall Calendar

Everything you love about Weed is included in our 2018 calendar that touts its merits to health and well-being; fun loving “munchie” recipes, captivating facts and trivia, even a few how-to guides that will have you checking this calendar...

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High Times 2018 Wall Calendar

2018 HIGH TIMES Ultimate Grow Calendar, featuring the finest collection of pot shots as well as a year's worth of grow tips from our cultivation department to help you keep your grow on schedule.Wall Calendar12-month Calendar12...

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Weed Jorge Cevantes Marijuana Wall Calendar

A world-renowned expert on cannabis cultivation, George Van Patten, aka Jorge Cervantes, has over 30 years of self-taught growing experience to guide millions of others interested in producing their own high-quality batches of marijuana. Having published...

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Jokes You Can't Tell Your Mother 2018 Desk Calendar

If you think no joke is x-rated as long as it’s funny, Jokes You Can’t Tell Your Mother! Is sure to keep you laughing all year long! In its 9th year of publication, we’ve included content that is as lewd and crude as ever! This is the biggest,...

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Show Me Your Kitties T-Shirt L

This shirt makes the perfect gift and is soft to the touch. 400069401471 201500026838

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Marijuana for Everybody 2018 Desk Calendar

Based on the book Marijuana for Everybody! from High Times magazine, the leading voice on pot culture for more than forty years, each colorful page enlightens readers in such matters as choosing the right strain, how cannabinoids intereact with your system,...

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Battle of the Sexes Game

Battle of the Sexes Game is the party game that lets you show what you know about the opposite sex. It's men vs. women in a challenge to answer 5 question categories: FACTS, PICS, STUFF, MOVES, & LIVES. Are you ready to prove which sex is superior?Contents...

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Cheech & Chong Mug

Got the munchies? You need something to wash it down and this Cheech & Chong mug fits the bill perfectly! Whether you use our 11 oz mug to hold your favorite beverage, pens/pencils on your desk, loose change, bake a quick and easy mug cake or anything...

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Wacky Weed Farms 2017 Wall Calendar

Celebrate the versatile, medicinal marijuana plant in this playful, colorful homage to weed. If you have the munchies, we know why. Sixteen-month Wall Calendars feature 13 spreads to highlight each month in 2017, as well as the last four months of 2016....

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Daily Stoner 2017 Desk Calendar

Stoner quotes, trivia and historical facts, even recipes are included. So whether you inhale, or not, you’ll be a connoisseur of the world’s favorite recreational plant in no time!Publisher: Sellers Publishing IncFormat: DeskTime...

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