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Color your World Florals Blotter 2

At the end of a busy day, take time for yourself with theáColor Your World: Meditative Coloring with Florals desk pad. The act of coloring lets you tap into a place of wonder andácreativity while helping you unwind. This desk pad calendar features beautiful...

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Fleurs Dans L Art Wall Calendar

The delicate bloom of a flower has inspired artists for centuries. Enjoy the beauty of nature's gift in this compilation of artist's renditions of flowers. From Van Gogh's Sunflowers, to Klimt's Flower Garden, every month is sure to delight. This calendar's...

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Cactus 2018 Easel Calendar

Colorful illustrations of various species of cactus. 201800008796

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Orchid Prints Easel Calendar

These finely detailed and delicately hand-colored botanical prints come from the 18th century onwards, the romantic era of botanical explorers, intrepid plant hunters and gardener-botanists. 201800009902

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Orchids 2018 Easel Calendar

For centuries, the orchid has been a symbol of love, luxury and beauty. To the early Greeks the orchid represented virility, and the Chinese called it the plant of the king's fragrance. These exotic blooms can be found on every continent with the exception...

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Mondriaans Flowers Easel Calendar

Piet Mondriaan (Mondrian) (1872-1944) known for his abstract grids also loved painting flowers. 201800008741

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Roses Klein 2018 Easel Calendar

Catherine Klein ((1861-1929) attended art school in Berlin and painted in gouache (opaque watercolors). Her best work seems to have been done between 1890-1900. She became known as the rose painter. 201800008726

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Tulips Easel Calendar


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Romantic Sceneries Poster Wall Calendar

Romantic places and sooting atmospehere created in 12 unique photo pictures 201800001101

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Flowers of Fields Wall Calendar

The artistry of nature is masterfully showcased in this 12-month array of exquisite flower blossoms. Photographed in their natural environment, the images offer a unique view of a variety of blooms that include everyday garden flowers and buds that often...

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