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Butterflies Catch Easel Calendar

Vintage illustrations of different butterfly species 201800008798

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Butterflies WWF Wall Calendar

Behold the delicate butterfly, arguably nature's most beautiful insect and one of its most fleeting. Butterflies Wall Calendar dazzles with the colors and intricate patterns that adorn this gentle creature, which brightens any location where it chooses...

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Art of the Fly 2018 Wall Calendar

Artist Paul Twitchell’s oversized paintings of classic feathered nymph, streamer, and dry patterns affirms that form gracefully follows function in the deceptive art of fly tying. The large format includes daily grids providing ample room for jotting...

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Butterflies of North America 2018 Wall Calendar

“The butterfly is a flying flower,” it’s said, and “the flower a tethered butterfly.” You’ll enjoy butterflies and flowers galore in these twelve dazzling photographs of North American butterflies. The large format provides...

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Butterflies 2018 Easel Calendar

This lovely easel desk calendar features 12 colorful vintage images of scientific and artistic renderings and fantasy illustrations of Butterflies from 1890 to 1940. The calendar is 6 x 7 x 3 when expanded and is printed on acid-free, natural white,...

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Insects 2018 Easel Calendar

Insects -- some of them are amazingly beautiful -- some of them pollinate our food -- many of them keep our world clean. This easel desk calendar gives these small and under appreciated creatures their due. From beetles to moths to bees, this easel...

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Rainbow Seeds Wall Calendar

This Legacy Wall Calendar features the stunning watercolor artwork of artist Lisa Audit, with beautiful renderings of flowers, butterflies and other garden delights in soft hues of pink, purple, blue and gold with inspirational Scripture verses. Each...

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Butterflies Vertical Slim

The Butterflies Vertical Wall Calendar features monthly artwork of vibrant butterflies by Jane Shasky in a space-efficient vertical format. LANG Vertical Wall Calendars feature linen embossed paper stock, a spiral binding with hook for hanging, and matching...

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Butterflies Wall Calendar

The butterfly is often chosen to represent transformation. From its beginning as an egg to the caterpillar (larva) stage, then on to the pupa stage where a chrysalis is made, a butterfly’s amazing journey is truly inspiring. As adults, butterflies...

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Jane Shasky Butterflies Wall Calendar

The Butterflies Wall Calendar features artwork by Jane Shasky of exquisite butterflies every month. LANG Wall Calendars feature monthly full color images, elegant linen embossed paper stock, and a brass grommet for hanging.Wall Calendar12-month...

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