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Chinese Opera Textiles Easel Calendar

In the Peking Opera, the costumes are as important as the characters themselves because each outfit tells a story. Sewn in workshops behind the theater, every piece is intricately made with great consideration given to design and color. Here are some...

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Chinese Folk Toys and Ornaments Easel Calendar

Chinese watercolor paintings of folk toys and ornaments 201800009927

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Klimt Tushita Mini Wall Calendar

Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918), famous Austrian symbolist painter, most prominent member of the Vienna Succession movement. His main subjects were paintings of women, some of them expressed in frank eroticism. Here we show the very best of his portraits....

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East 2018 Wall Calendar

Ohara Koson (1877-1945) is regarded as the premier master in 20th century Japan of the highly decorative kacho-e (prints of birds, flowers and nature). 201800008779

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Chinese Papercuts 2018 Easel Calendar

Paper cutting has been one of China's most popular forms of visual art from the 10th century onwards. The images are all handcut and can be made out of many subjects such as animals, flowers, birds and people. The images are used as ornaments on windows,...

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Kimono 2018 Easel Calendar

These 19th Century Japanese kimono woodblock prints were used to show the range of textile designs. They reflect an interest in nature, which resulted in beautiful artwork of birds, animals, flower and trees. 201800008756

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Japanese Matchbox Art 2018 Easel Calendar

Colorful graphic designs from vintage Japanese matchbook covers. 201800008758

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Poems of the Pillow Wall Calendar

The Japanese Ukiyo-e tradition, and their world famous woodblock prints influenced a whole generation of modern painters because of the uniqueness of perspective and form. The walls of MonetĘs house at Giverny were covered with prints of Japanese artists...

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Japanese Birdsand Flowers Wall Calendar

Japanese birds & flowers paintingsWall Calendar12-Month Calendar11.81 X 11.81Stapled BindingMedium Square GridMajor holidays included 201800009908

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Japanese Decorative Designs Wall Calendar

The decorative designs featured here are timeless examples of Japanese artistry. Although little is known of their creators or the actual dates of their creation, such designs reflect Japanese artists’ historically deep appreciation of beauty in...

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