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Basset Hounds

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Bassett Hound Pen

Smooth writing roller pen featuring the Bassett paintings of the famous canine artist Ruth Maystead. 870136004018 201400054494

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Just Basset Hounds 2018 Wall Calendar

Just Basset Hounds 2018 Wall CalendarBasset Hounds are sweet and gentle souls who are devoted to their owners and great with children. Normally peaceful and well-behaved, we forgive the occasional transgression of following an interesting scent...

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Basset Hounds Just 2018 Desk Calendar

Basset Hounds may appear a bit curious to some folks, but to their fan base they are absolutely the cutest dogs in the world!  Enjoy a full-color, year-long tribute to the sweet and endearing Basset Hound with this colorful daily calendar!  Over 310 full-color...

On Sale $14.99 $7.49 - Click here to buy now!