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Norfolk and Western Railway 2018 Wall Calendar

The N&W only became Norfolk and Western in 1881, four decades after its start as the City Point Railroad in Virginia. N&W led the development of coalfields in the Virginias, and that fueled the road’s expansion. N&W was noted for the...

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Train Stations Then and Now Wall Calendar

Train Stations then and Now® is a collection of the greatest North American rail depots. Archive pictures of these grand cathedrals of transport are paired with the same view taken today. Over the years some have met their fate with the wrecking...

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London Underground Poster Diary

The Tube has become London's longest art gallery and the London Underground is renowned for its poster archive. With a map of London's Underground and Tube facts and trivia, this diary features posters by a range of artists and designers. It is a week...

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National Railway Museum Pocket Diary

The National Railway Museum Pocket Diary 2018 celebrates the golden age of the British railway - a period when railway companies used posters to promote travel to the British Isles and abroad. A selection of these images illustrate this diary, which has...

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Trains Baltimore Ohio Railroad Wall Calendar

In 1827 the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Co. became America's first chartered railroad. Innovation followed as the B & O operated the first American-built locomotive, constructed the first train station, sold the first passenger tickets, published the...

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Trains Great Wall Calendar

The Golden Age of railroading rolls through the months of Great Trains in paintings by Gil Bennett. Widely collected by private railroad buffs, as well as corporations, Bennett combines a love of trains and artistic skill to bring the power and excitement...

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Trains Howard Foggs Wall Calendar

Considered the master of railroad art, Howard Fogg painted the power and majesty of the steel wheel on the steel rail. After rail fans discovered Fogg he spent the next 50 years as a freelance artist reinventing the steam age. In Howard Fogg’s Trains...

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Trains Milwakee Road Wall Calendar

Chartered in 1849 the Milwaukee Road eventually extended its tracks across the northern tier of the United States to the Pacific Ocean. Noted for its innovative electric motive power and passenger service the line's successes were overshadowed by weak...

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Trains Pennsylvania Railroad Wall Calendar

Chartered in Pennsylvania in 1846, construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad began in 1847 and the first rail line reached Pittsburgh in 1852. Eventually PRR connected Chicago with Washington D.C. Pennsylvania Railroad recalls the unique engines and...

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Railroading Wall Calendar

Cross the continent and share the drama of “high iron” on Class 1 freight lines from UP and BNSF, to CSX and NS. In addition, there are shortlines in america and Canada. Featuring a major and minor photo each month, Railroading includes commentary...

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