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Guinea Pigs 2018 Wall Calendar

12 color photographs of guinea pigs at their most adorable. With 30 x 60 cm. posterWall Calendar12-month Calendar11.81 X 11.81Stapled BindingSmall Square GridObserves Major Holidays...

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Darcy the Hedgehog 2018 Wall Calendar

Explore along with Darcy the Hedgehog as she can be found sitting on or near tiny furniture and meeting other small prickly objects.Wall Calendar12-month Calendar12 X 12Stapled BindingSmall Square GridObserves...

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Pets and Friends Big Grid Wall Calendar

Everyone loves a parade, including our favorite four-footed friends. In this new addition to the popular Gladstone “Friends” series, funny, wonderful companions march through the year to provide an engaging counterpoint for each day’s events....

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Rats Wall Calendar

Although the word “rat” has become synonymous with untrustworthy people, these rodents are in fact smart, curious creatures. Whether nibbling or sniffing, these little guys always seem to be up to something. Indeed, a group of rats is a called...

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Guinea PigsMini Wall Calendar

Enjoyed as a wonderful household pet, guinea pigs originated in the Andes. Their wonderful nature and responsiveness accounts for their popularity. Let the darling guinea pigs in this mini wall calendar keep you company in the New Year.Mini...

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Ferrets Wall Calendar

Possibly dating back as far as 1600 B.C.E., ferrets have been long regarded for their usefulness, beauty, and charm. The Old World ferret is probably a domesticated breed of polecat, and used since Roman times for hunting mice, rabbits, and rats. The...

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Weasel Ball

Weasel Ball 83176105052 201700014417

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Guinea Pigs Wall Calendar

They’re not actually members of the swine family, but these little guinea pigs are liable to cause squeals of delight. Short-eared, plump, and furry, guinea pigs are native to South America but have adapted to life in other climates. These domesticated...

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Hedgehogs 2018 Wall Calendar

Get happy with hedgehogs! You can't help but smile at these cute little critters in this Hedgehogs calendar, with a 4-month bonus spread. Prickly, but adorable these hedgehogs will roll into your heart. All calendar pages are printed on FSC certified...

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Hedgehogs 2018 Wall Calendar

Hedgehogs are America's hot new pets. Their charming faces and amusing antics make them lovable little companions. The images in this fun 12-month calendar capture these little critters in their busiest moments. And busy they are: tending their garden,...

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