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Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles

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Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Puzzle

This classic mystery puzzle has an interesting twist. Read the story and then complete the puzzle for additional clues to discover who the psychopathic killer is!!! They have even added an additional twist. The image on the box is not the same as the...

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Foul Play & Cabernet 1000 Piece Puzzle

These exciting mysteries have become a mainstay in any puzzle assortment. Read the thrilling story and put the puzzles together to discover the hidden clues needed to solve the mystery. Each 1,000 piece puzzle creates a 23” x 29” image. For ages...

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Mystery Mind & Logic Brain Teasers in Tin Case

In Mystery Mind & Logic Brain Teasers, classic conundrum is mixed with new puzzles that will have players pondering for seconds, minutes and sometimes hours. The game in the tin case was created for fast fun at home or on the go!Perfect...

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