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Sky is the Limit 2018 Wall Calendar

A dazzling array of sleek and powerful jets from the U.S. Air Force and NATO will grace your wall for the entire year. The full color, large format calendars features big daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments, reminders, and birthdays....

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Until They All Come Home Military Wall Calendar

If you think soldiers are tough, you should meet their families! Hold them safe in your hearts - until they all come home! This 2018, 12 x 12 wall calendar is a top-selling format and has thirteen inspirational designs with a 4-month bonus spread featuring...

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Navy Wall Calendar

The Navy calendar is a tribute to the men and women who have fought to protect our nation to deter aggression and to maintain freedom of the seas. Navy and Marine Corps action over the past 240 years is represented here in paintings, often created by...

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Marines 2018 Wall Calendar

A daily chronology of major events in the history of the Marine Corps is presented in a truly stunning calendar format for 2018. Vintage black-and-white photographs of Marines in action, full-color contemporary images of the Corps, illustrations by noted...

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Warbirds of WWII 2018 Wall Calendar

Renowned aviation artist Ron Cole’s accurate depictions of fighter planes and bombers pay exciting tribute to the men and machines engaged in action over the Pacific and Europe during the harrowing years of World War II. The highly authentic paintings...

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WWII Military Aircraft 2018 Mini Wall Calendar

The Military Aircraft of World War II were some of the fastest prop-driven aircraft ever built – and certainly among the most beautiful. Their form was a delight to the eye, their function deadly. Phil Wallick’s breathtaking airborne photographs...

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American Armed Forces 2018 Wall Calendar

Celebrate the year with images of the men and women that sacrifice themselves in the Amercian Armed Forces.Wall Calendar12-month Calendar12 X 12Stapled BindingSmall Square GridObserves Major...

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Military Posters Wall Calendar

Inexpensive and accessible, the poster has been an ideal agent for making war aims the personal mission of every American. Government agencies, businesses, and private orgainzations have historically issued posters linking the military front with the...

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This Day in Military History Desk Calendar

The 2018 This Day in Military History Boxed Calendar is filled with amazing facts about important battles, military operations, soldiers, and innovations and advancement in technology and aerospace, this page-a-day calendar gives readers a wide range...

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Tanks Wall Calendar

This Tanks calendar features the many great war tanks of yesteryear, including facts about your favorite tanks. Start with a blast!Wall Calendar12-month Calendar12 X 12Stapled BindingMedium Square GridObserves...

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