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Damn You Auto Correct Desk Calendar

It's an LOL-a-thon all year long with Damn You Autocorrect! It's happened to the best of us: the evil autocorrect function on you rphone that warps your well-meaning text into a humiliating message. This boxed desk calendar features over 300 of the most...

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Snorg Tees 2018 Wall Calendar

Never trust an atom; they make up everything. Snorg Tees’s slogans are packed with punny, snarky, and clever pop culture references for nerds, true fans, and anyone who appreciates snicker-worthy witticisms. You’ll find the best 13 in the Snorg...

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Have an Emoji Day Wall Calendar

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and now you can create a unique keepsake with this calendar that provides the perfect space to express yourself with emojis every day for an entire year. Simply choose the appropriate stickers to convey...

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Sarahs Scribbles Planner

Take a giant leap toward organization (and adulthood) with this amazing hardcover planner. It has monthly grids and weekly planning pages with space for lots of important things like appointments, to-dos, and fun social stuff. The sturdy cover is flocked,...

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Sarahs Scribbles Wall Calendar

Get a different Sarah's Scribbles cartoon and colorful background on each monthly spread of this new wall calendar. Relatable angst was never so much fun.Wall Calendar16-month Calendar12 X 12Stapled BindingMedium...

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Ranker is the #1 online destination for opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings of everything: If there’s a list of something, you’ll find it on Ranker. The funniest movie of all time? The best soccer player in the U.S.? The worst fashion trends...

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Emoji Wall Calendar

Can you express entire sentences using only emojis? These playful, sticker-like icons have taken smartphone communication by storm, and now they come to you in this attitude-filled collection of emoji Speak designs. Featuring the full gamut of emotions...

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People of Walmart 2018 Desk Calendar

As Americans, we hold these truths to be self-evident: That we will shop. And that when we do, especially at our favorite supercenter, we will wear and do the most bizarre things possible. From the people who brought you People of Walmart: Shop and...

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Onion 2018 Desk Calendar

The Onion is the only news source for millions of readers every week online at The Onion Desk Calendar delivers breaking headlines from America's finest Pulitzer Prize - losing media enterprise to your desk every day. With this calendar,...

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Passive Aggressive Notes 2018 Desk Calendar

Disguised as helpful advice, gentle reminders, or friendly requests, the painfully pent-up passive-aggressive notes in this funny calendar are sugarcoated with smiley faces but betrayed by one too many exclamation points. All this repressed hostility...

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