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Degas Dancers 2018 Easel Calendar

People call me the painter of dancers, but I really wish to capture movement itself - Edgar Degas (1834-1917) 201800008781

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Degas' Dancers 2018 Wall Calendar

The French artist Edgar Degas was famous for his work in drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. This calendar showcases his fascination with the art of dance, capturing in beautiful pastel colours the poise and elegance of the dancers, often in...

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Degas Wall Calendar

Showcasing Edgar Degas’s ability to capture movement through whimsical brushstrokes and vivid colors, this 16-month wall calendar includes 13 of his most renowned paintings and pastel drawings, all from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.Wall...

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Edgar Degas 2017 Easel Calendar

The Edgar Degas Calendar captures the essence of a wide variety of his artwork. You are sure to enjoy this calendar full of beautiful artwork created by one of the founders of Impressionism. This 6.25 x 5.5 Easle Desk Calendar contains works of art selected...

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