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Assorted Jigsaw Puzzles

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General Store 1000 Piece Puzzle

General Store. Let's go exploring on this crisp autumn day at a classic old country emporium, chockablock full of everything you could possibly need. Just like White Mountain Puzzles, their goods are proudly made in the USA. Vintage signage advertises...

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Tin Signs 300 Piece Puzzle

Tin Signs. Big Boy runs through this collection of advertising signs with a giant burger. Other colorful signage includes Sherwin-Williams Paints, Andonod Mattresses, Sunray Oils, Dairy Queen, Sunbeam Bread, Kelly Tires, Grape Ola, Carhartt Overalls,...

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Board Games 500 Piece Puzzle

This puzzle has 500 pieces and is just difficult enough to be challenging but quick to complete! 91683025213 201700018955

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Stow and Go Puzzle Mat

Roll up and transport your jigsaw puzzle in progress with the innovative Puzzle Stow and Go. Just begin your puzzle on the bright felt mat with special non-skid backing for easy sorting and contrast and then when you want to take a break, roll the mat...

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Fifties 1000 Piece Puzzle

Fifties 1000 Piece Puzzle: An ultimate pop culture puzzle, it's filled with 50s trivia. The decade of hot rods, long-finned cars, rock 'n' roll, black and white TV, Red Skelton, Groucho Marx, duck-tailed haircuts, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mantle, James...

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Retro Neon Dream 1000 Piece Puzzle

All the best from the golden age of neon signage gathered here in this bright and cheery collage of nostalgia! Free specialty glue to display puzzle when completed and a Lost Puzzle Piece Guarantee; Educa will replace any missing or lost puzzle piece....

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Ryba Crime Scene 2000 Piece Puzzle

Crime Scene by designer, painter, illustrator and cartoonist Michael Ryba. This puzzle is 2000 pieces. 201700014582

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Living Room 1500 Piece Puzzle

Full sized puzzle with fully interlocking pieces for jigsaw junkies of all ages. High-quality, with vibrant images from Lafayette Puzzle Factory. A 1,500 piece puzzle. 201700014821

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Spring Trees 160 Piece 3D Puzzle Vase

Spring Trees 160 Piece 3D Puzzle Vase creates an elegant vase and a removable water cup allows the completed puzzle to function as a real vase. It comes with a 1 stand. Includes 160 curved pieces to create a vaseComes with a removable...

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Dora the Explorer 46 Piece Floor Puzzle

Dora the Explorer 46 Piece Floor Puzzle: Stimulate your child's mind with this 3' Dora the Explorer floor puzzle! Contains 46 pieces and measures 3' x 2' when completed. For ages 3+ 47754144543 201000011966

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