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Gas Pumps 550 Piece Puzzle

Gas Pumps. For you automotive buffs out there, here's your last chance for cheap gas. All the big brands are represented in this colorful collage, including Exxon, Phillips 66, Mobil, Sunoco, Gulf, Chevron, Sky Chief, Sinclair, Shell and Esso, as well...

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Merry Whale 550 Piece Puzzle

The Merry Whale. Take a little time out from your beach vacation to visit this wonderful emporium. There's something for everyone here in the way of nautical and seaside souvenirs, from salt water taffy to sailboat and surfboards, shells and jewelry and...

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Barnyard Budding 550 Piece Puzzle

Barnyard Buddies. In bygone days we stored our White Mountain Puzzles in the big red barn next door to our offices in Jackson, New Hampshire. The cows had moved out, but you knew they had once lived there! That same red barn was disassembled, labeled...

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Hardware Store 550 Piece Puzzle

The Hardware Store. If we don't have it, you don't need it! Teapots, garden hoses, geraniums, Wellies, shovels, pails, kittens, door knockers, lanterns, lawn mowers, stoves, animal feed - even Jell-O! All available at this traditional old-timey hardware...

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State Plates 550 Piece Puzzle

State Plates. Our own ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire tag anchors this colorful collection of license plates from around the United States. Three classic cars are displayed as well – do you recognize them? Designed by Charlie Girard on...

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Dad's Shed Large Format 500 Piece Puzzle

Dad's Shed Large Format 500 Piece Puzzle: Large piece format is easy to see and handle. This jigsaw puzzle measures 27 x 20 when complete. For ages 10 and up.Our puzzles are a perfect way to relax after a long day or for fun family entertainment. The...

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