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Weasel Ball

Weasel Ball 83176105052 201700014417

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Hedgehogs 2016 Wall Calendar

Hedgehogs are America's hot new pets. Their charming faces and amusing antics make them lovable little companions. The images in this fun 12-month calendar capture these little critters in their busiest moments. And busy they are: tending their garden,...

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Pets Rock Academic 2017 Engagement Calendar

Enjoy the Pets Rock celebrity pet parodies in this academic year, 12-month spiral engagement planner created by the photography and design duo - Takkoda. Photographed at home in their natural state, Takkoda seamlessly, and digitally, brings out these...

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Guinea Pigs Sm 2017 Wall Calendar

Guinea Pigs Wall Calendar features 12 photographs of guinea pigs at their most adorable! For the extra cute factor, the bonus poster is also included in the calendar!Week starts on MondaySeptember-December 2016 overviewIncludes...

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Celestine and Hare 2017 Wall Calendar

Delight in the felted creatures that are Celestine and the Hare—but watch out for the norty weasels who will be after your choklit. Full color throughout, this calendar features 12 images detailing the adventures of the delightful hand-crafted animals...

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Hamsters Magnum 2017 Wall Calendar

This Hamsters wall calendar is filled with photographs of unbelievably cute hamsters. Each month will bring a smile to your face. The perfect gift for any hamster lover!12 adorable pictures of the cuddly hamsterPrevious and next month...

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Guinea Pigs Magnum 2017 Wall Calendar

You can enjoy a dozen photos of adorable guinea pigs in this Guinea Pigs 2017 Wall Calendar all year long. The perfect gift for any guinea pig lover or owner!Twelve amazing pictures of the adorable guinea pigPrevious and next month grids...

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Guinea Pigs 2017 Mini Wall Calendar


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Hedgehogs 2017 Wall Calendar

Although domestication of hedgehogs is barely 30 years past, the popularity of these cute little critters is soaring. Twelve full-color photographs capture the adorable essence of hedgehogs. The large format wall calendar features daily grids with ample...

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Ferrets 2017 Wall Calendar

Possibly dating back as far as 1600 B.C.E., ferrets have been long regarded for their usefulness, beauty, and charm. The Old World ferret is probably a domesticated breed of polecat, and used since Roman times for hunting mice, rabbits, and rats. The...

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