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Just Papillons 2017 Wall Calendar

The ears of Papillons suggest that they are about to take off, but these dogs are well-grounded in charm, playfulness and intelligence. Twelve charming, full-color photographs embody all there is to love in Papillons! The large format wall calendar features...

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Papillon Pen

Papillon smooth writing roller pen features paintings by the famous canine artist Ruth Maystead. The painting is wrapped around the golden tip roller ink pen.Papillon portrait by Ruth MaysteadRefillable rollerball inkGold tone...

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Papillons 2017 Wall Calendar

Also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel, the Papillon (pronounced PAP-ee-yon) is a distinctive-looking breed. A member of the toy group, the Papillon is a little dog that loves to cuddle. Its name means “butterfly” in French and refers to...

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Papillon Miniature Trinket Box

This beautiful jewel crested Papillon trinket box is a great gift for dog lovers. The lovely hand-painted detail makes this precious pooch a wonderful keepsake. 400069370333 201400055135

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