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Mexico Nostalgic 2017 Easel Calendar

This Mexico easel desk calendar features 12 vibrant vintage images of Mexico from 1910 to 1960. See the cultural riches of Mexico without leaving your desk. The calendar measures 6ö x 7ö x 3ö when expanded and is printed on acid-free, natural white,...

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Spanish For Dummies 2016 Desk Calendar

Brush up on the basics and learn to speak Spanish effectively with more than 300 grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation tips from the For Dummies series. Day-at-a-Time box calendars feature full-color, page-a-day designs (Saturday/Sunday combined) and...

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Mexico 2017 Wall Calendar (Bilingual)

A diverse land of diverse peoples, Mexico always offers an exciting getaway. One day you relax on a magnificent beach. The next, you marvel at breathtaking ancient ruins and splendid colonial architecture. Then you’re off to shop for exotic goods...

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La Natruraleza de Mexico 2017 Wall Calendar (Bilingual)

With windswept deserts, wondrous waterfalls secluded in dense rainforests, daunting seaside cliffs, and pristine white sand beaches, the geography of Mexico is exceptionally diverse. Majestic mountains, stunning sunsets, and vibrant flowers embellish...

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Mexico Antiguo 2017 Wall Calendar (Bilingual)

The legacy of Mexico’s ancient civilizations such as the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs is on display in this stunning calendar. Chichén ItzÁ, Piramide del Sol, and many other hallowed places around Mexico remind us of the awesome achievements...

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Mercados de Mexico 2017 Wall Calendar (Bilingual)

The tradition of the Mexican market existed long before the arrival of the Spanish in the Americas. These colorful markets are rich in history and offer everything from pottery and baskets to flowers, food, clothes, toys, and much more. This dazzling...

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Haciendas de Mexico 2017 Wall Calendar

More than any other structure in Mexico, the hacienda symbolizes Mexico’s colonial past and all that it represents. Arched doorways and brilliantly colored tiles combine with stunning gardens to re-create a bygone era. The Mexican colonial home is...

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Cocinas Mexicanas 2017 Wall Calendar

The decorative Mexican kitchen combines the enticing aromas of Mexican cooking with creative design and decor. With its elegant table tops, beautiful tile work, and finely crafted earthenware, la cocina mexicana is itself a work of art, even before any...

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South of the Border 2017 Wall Calendar

When you hear mariachi music does your mind start wandering to spicy nachos and a cold margarita? Then you're going to love South of the Border. Bright colors and fun designs bring a little south of the border to your day! All calendar pages are printed...

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365 Spanish Words-A-Year 2017 Desk Calendar

For the 6 million (and growing!) students enrolled in Spanish classes in the U.S. every year, or anyone else hoping to learn what's commonly considered America's second language,á366 Spanish Words-A-Yearáis an essential guide to useful vocabulary and...

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