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Garden Retreat 1500 Piece Puzzle

This 1,500-piece puzzle offers a blooming springtime escape complete with challenging color patterns and repeat textures. It's grand in size and difficulty, providing the perfect excuse to get away from it all for a while. Pieces: 1500 Artist:...

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Garden Stairway 500 Piece Puzzle

The gentle variations in color combined with an overall similarity in texture make this an especially difficult 500-piece puzzle. Wondering where to start? Take a cue from the stairs and wind your way to the top. Pieces: 500 Artist:...

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Seed Packets 500 Piece Puzzle

Perfect for the avid gardener, the Seed Packets 500-Piece Puzzle portrays artwork by Tim Coffey of a collection of seed packets that blossom into all kinds of flowers! Botany enthusiasts will delight in the various colors and varieties of seed packets...

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Atrium Garden 1500 Piece Puzzle

From 300 piece puzzles to the world’s-largest 32,000 piece puzzle – and everything in between – Ravensburger has something for everyone! Choose from landscapes, monuments, works of art, history, maps, animals, and more – each colorful...

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Japanese Gardens 2017 Wall Calendar

From lush footpaths to snow-covered bridges, explore the serenity of Japanese gardens in this enlightening calendar of mindful photographs and words of wisdom. The calendar pages are printed on FSC Certified paper. 703643951011 201700001911

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Gardening Coloring 2017 Poster Calendar

This brand-new title combines the usability of a calendar with the on-trend fun of adult coloring. Designs revolve around a garden theme, with birds, butterflies and flowers spread throughout. Features 13 months of 11x17 perforated posters with calendar...

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Beautiful Gardens 2017 Wall Calendar

A stunning collection of 12 high resolution images of beautiful gardens from around the world. 201700009200

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Organic Gardening 2017 Wall Calendar

It’s no passing fad: people are becoming more interested in exactly what goes into the food they eat and growing it yourself is one way to be sure it’s safe. Boost your bounty with organic gardening tips and enviable photos of fruit, vegetables...

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Mystic Garden 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Full sized puzzle with fully interlocking pieces for jigsaw junkies of all ages. High-quality, with vibrant images from Lafayette Puzzle Factory. A 1,000 piece puzzle. 57126222397 201700014813

Only $12.99 - Click here to buy now!

Eco Pod Self Watering Herb Pot

This self- watering pod provides your plants and herbs with the moisture they need to flourish! Integrated with two adhesive stripes, and easy to mount onto smooth surfaces; the Eco Pod offers a modern, stylish and effortless way to grow herbs, small...

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