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Gooseberry Patch 2017 Engagement Calendar

It's a pleasure to note your appointments in this handy planner exclusively designed by Gooseberry Patch! The convenient spiral binding makes it easy to display the calendar flat on your desk, or to tote along in your bag. With weekly views, as well as...

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American Dream 500 Piece Puzzle

A sunlit barnyard filled with gorgeous flowers creates a country paradise in LANG's American Dream 500-Piece Puzzle. Completed, this jigsaw puzzle becomes a vibrant 18 x 24 painting by artist Paul Landry. Its linen embossed precision-cut pieces and included...

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American Farm 750 Piece Panoramic Puzzle

The panoramic wide-angle view of the American Farm 750-Piece Puzzle creates a life-like view of this backwoods scene, making you feel as if you were in the painting! A picturesque landscape with a red bar and farmhouses are the highlights of this painting...

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Apple Orchard 750 Piece Panoramic Puzzle

The wide-angle view in the LANG Apple Orchard 750-Piece Puzzle creates a unique perspective to this piece of Lowell Herrero's art. Complete the puzzle to see all your favorite farm animals in front of an apple orchard. Featuring precision cut pieces,...

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Over the Bridge 500 Piece Puzzle

LANG jigsaw puzzles are a fun and challenging pastime, and form superb full color artwork when completed! Assemble the scenic artwork of Lowell Herrero of cows crossing a stone bridge while swans gracefully swim in the pond below in the Over The Bridge...

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Sunrise Quilt Barn 1000 Piece Puzzle

Piece together 1000 pieces to recreate this magnificent folk art painting of a farm town filled with cows and sheep roaming the green pastures. This puzzle features the artwork of Cheryl Bartley all packaged in a signature LANG box and includes an artwork...

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Village Celebration 500 Piece Puzzle

A circus parades around the town square in joyful folk art by premier artist Mary Singleton. The Village Celebration 500-Piece Puzzle from LANG is both challenging and fun to put together, and when finished, creates a beautiful 18 x 24 painting. Precision-cut...

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God Blessing America 2017 Wall Calendar

DaySpring God Blessing America 2017 Wall Calendars 81983604621 201700013803

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Sassafras Flea Market 2017 Wall Calendar

DaySpring Flea Market 2017 Wall Calendars 81983599156 201700013805

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School House 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle 819844012120 201700014891

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