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Birds of a Feather 500 Piece Puzzle

It's hard to believe such sweet little creatures could create such a demanding, 500-piece puzzle. Perhaps the challenge lies in the colors and markings of the birds. Or maybe it's the similar backgrounds and repeated patterns that make it so tough. What...

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Birdhouse Garden 750 Piece Panoramic Puzzle

Complete the Birdhouse Garden 750-Piece Puzzle to create a panoramic view of these stunning birdhouses with birds enjoying the surrounding spring flowers! The wide-angle view offers a new perspective to Susan Winget's beautiful artwork. Featuring precision...

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Cacophony Of Color 500 Piece Puzzle

Tiny bits of hand-painted paper create a spectacular collaged peacock image in LANG's Cacophony of Color 500-Piece Puzzle. Completed, this jigsaw puzzle becomes a vibrant 18 x 24 paper painting by artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. The puzzle's precision-cut...

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Chickadee Snowman 500 Piece Puzzle

This happy snowman, crowned with berry wreath and bird, is the center of a cheerful winter scene on LANG's Chickadee Snowman 500-Piece Puzzle. With an image from an original painting by Jane Shasky, this high-quality jigsaw puzzle features precision-cut...

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Fall Birds 1000 Piece Puzzle


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Butterflies Of The World 1000 Piece Puzzle

Blue jays, cardinals, and other feathered friends abound in this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle from White Mountain Puzzles. 724819247882 200900011031

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Sing Your Song 2017 Wall Calendar

DaySpring Songbirds Fine Art 2017 Wall Calendars 81983587245 201700013786

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Winter Birdhouse 1,000 Piece Puzzle

A patriotic collection of birds in their red, white, and blue perched upon their Winter Birdhouse. A 1000 piece birders delight. 625012518277 201700016750

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Birds Oiseaux 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Birds! Birds! Everywhere. From the historic pages of an artfully illustrated French dictionary, these beautiful birds illustrated by Adolphe Philippe Milot make a wonderfully challenging and educational puzzles. Bird watch out for toucans, parakeets,...

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Birds Art 2017 Softcover Planner

Week-at-a-glance layout. Sections for addresses and notes. Includes Paris, London and New York City transit maps. 201700015421

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