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Lose Your Marbles 1000 Piece Puzzle


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Melody Shop 1000 Piece Puzzle

Artist Edward Wargo captures the essence of a bygone era. The Melody Shop 1000 piece puzzle provides a detailed and colorful window into a time when young and old converged in one place to experience their favorite music. We imagine the juke box cheerfully...

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Les Peintres Italiens 2017 Wall Calendar

Les Peintres Italiens, or The Italian Painters, feature some of the most well known paintings in history. Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne portrays the young Bacchus, seeing Ariadne for the first time, and falling in love. 201700016210

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Le Douanier Rousseau 2017 Wall Calendar

Le Douanier Rousseau, also known as Henri Rousseau, 'the customs officer', was born in Laval, France in 1844. He attended school in Laval, and although an average student, he was recognized and awarded in music and art. Rousseau's precise execution, and...

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Les Amoureux Dans Lart 2017 Wall Calendar

This beautiful 12 month calendar also includes The Scale of Love by Watteau, Rossetti's Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, and perhaps the most well known mythical lovers, Venus and Adonis. In this richly colored painting, Venus begs Adonis not...

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Frank Vallotton 2017 Wall Calendar

This colorful twelve month wall calendar features the works of Felix Vallotton. Known for his use of bold colors, his collection of paintings range from portraits and nudes, to landscapes, still life and social scenes. Although his work is over a century...

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Portraits De Femmes Dans Lart 2017 Wall Calendar

Portraits de femmes dans l'art calendar features beautiful portraits of women from various artists. From the knowing gaze of Goya's 'The Clothed Maja', to the powdered perfection of 'Marie Antoinette', women have been a popular subject of artists since...

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Pre-Holiday Rush 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle 819844011666 201700014895

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Future Memories 500 Piece Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle 819844011970 201700014904

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Stranded 750 Piece Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle 819844012069 201700014886

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