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Chinese Folk Art 2017 Wall Calendar

800 million Chinese are peasants: these scenes reflect their lives in the vast countryside of China. This folk art emerged during the Cultural Revolution with the help of trained artists. The art explores all aspects of daily life, its primitive bright...

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Japanese Matchbox Art 2017 Easel Calendar

Colorful graphic designs from vintage Japanese matchbook covers. 201700015829

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Chinese Papercuts 2017 Easel Calendar

Paper cutting has been one of China's most popular forms of visual art from the 10th century onwards. The images are all handcut and can be made out of many subjects such as animals, flowers, birds and people. The images are used as ornaments on windows,...

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Kimono 2017 Easel Calendar

These 19th Century Japanese kimono woodblock prints were used to show the range of textile designs. They reflect an interest in nature, which resulted in beautiful artwork of birds, animals, flower and trees. 201700015824

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Spirit of the Far East 2017 Wall Calendar

The Spirit of the Far East calendar captures the ancient mystery and undeniable beauty of the Orient. Vivid imagery and symbolism transports us to another time and place, an entire world away. The large format, 18-month wall calendar features grids with...

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Japanese Masters 2017 Wall Calendar

The Ukiyo-e genre of woodblock prints and paintings flourished in Japan from the 17th to 19th centuries. Beautiful women, folk stories, nature and landscape studies were amongst the more popular themes. The artists featured in this calendar are Hiroshige,...

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Japanese Woodblocks Art 2017 Easel Calendar

Japanese Woodblocks 2017 Desk Calendar features a collection of striking woodblock prints from various Japanese artists depicting temples, landscapes, and the serene beauty of Japan.ßFeatures 12 vintage imagesPrinted on rich ivory-colored...

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Japan Nostalgic 2017 Wall Calendar

Twelve beautiful Japanese woodblock postcard images from 1875 to 1930 grace the pages of this full-size Japan wall calendar. Feast your eyes on soothing landscapes, Mt. Fuji, geishas, pagodas, and samurai. The calendar is 11÷ x 14.5 ˘ and is printed...

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Spirit of the Far East 2016 Wall Calendar

Enjoy the ancient art of Chinese brush painting or Hua. The masters incorporate inscriptions of poetry and their own seals as intricate parts of the paintings. Each month features a Chinese character and a description of its evolution from ancient pictograph...

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Japanese Woodblock 2017 Wall Calendar

Through this collection of art, experience the mystical beauty that is Japan. Japanese Art Collection 2017 Wall Calendar features watercolor paintings as well as ukiyo-e — a genre of woodblock printing which reached its pinnacle in the 18th and 19th...

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